Successful representation of Jewish Community Belgrade

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Wednesday September 23rd, 2015

Successful representation of Jewish Community Belgrade

We are pleased to announce that the Law Office Naumović & Partners successfully completed its representation of Jewish community Belgrade in the process of restitution for religious communities, in one of the most important procedures before the Agency for restitution of the Republic of Serbia.

In this, perhaps historical proceeding Jewish Community Belgrade has regained two buildings in Belgrade.

Namely, this is the first time in the past 74 years, after the 1941 and the beginning of the Holocaust when all property of Jewish Community Belgrade was confiscated, and after World War II, when most of the property was nationalized by the State that the Jewish Community managed to regain the significant property that was taken away.

In the process of substitution for the building in Kralja Petra 71, which had previously been used to be the religious seat of the Jewish Community Belgrade, and that is the unique example of nationalization of seats of the religious community in which natural persons are purchasing flats today, Jewish Community Belgrade was given building of Bencion Buli’s Department Store in Kralja Petra 16, as well as the building of the Cultural Center Rex in Jevrejska 16 (the former seat of Oneg Shabbat).

Restoring these buildings represent a major breakthrough in cooperation with the Jewish Community and Serbia, that in a way corrected the unjust nationalization of property that Jewish Community Belgrade has once possessed.

Activation of these buildings in commercial purposes, allow the normalization of the financial situation of Jewish Community Belgrade and therefore significant renewal of life of Jewish community in Belgrade.

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