Jewish Community of Belgrade against rehabilitation of the Milan Nedić

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Monday October 31st, 2016

Jewish Community of Belgrade against rehabilitation of the Milan Nedić

Law office Naumović & Partners as an authorized representative of the Jewish Community of Belgrade announces that the Community is interested to take an active participation in the process of rehabilitation before the High Court in Belgrade of the war Prime Minister of Serbia Milan Nedic, and the Community will take all legal possibilities that the court reject the request for rehabilitation, since the court during the proceedings is authorized to collect information from organizations and institutions.

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In this regard, during procedure Community will propose a hearing of witnesses such as eminent historians, scientists and experts in the field of Holocaust who are familiar with the facts about the persecution of members of the Jewish community in Serbia. The objective and legal interest of the Jewish Community of Belgrade for inclusion in the process is that court refuse demands for rehabilitation of Milan Nedic, because he actively participated in the Holocaust, which was on the territory of Serbia implemented against members of the Jewish community during World War II. Unpleasant true for the history of Serbian nation is that, in August 1942, ie at the time of the Nedic government, Serbia was declared as an ” area cleared of Jews ” and if the court granted the request for rehabilitation, Serbia will suffer moral and political damage and will become unique in the world for such outrageous decision. This rehabilitation will represent a devaluation of indisputable historical facts and an insult to all victims and survivors of the Jews. This confirms and Phd Haris Deutsch member of the Jewish Community of Belgrade and coordinator of historical research for Jewish property confiscated as a result of the Holocaust, which states that the community has a responsibility to its members, citizens and institutions of the Republic of Serbia and the international Jewish community, to participate in a process of rehabilitation, as the Nedic and his government was directly involved in the confiscation of Jewish immovable property, as well as in the identification and arrest of Jews on the territory of occupied Serbia. Serbia through the Law on Restitution indirectly confirmed the responsibility of the government of Nedic in the Holocaust. Thanks to the successful work of the Agency for restitution, the restitution of immovable property confiscated from the Jews is disabled for the heirs of those who had illegally acquired that property during the occupation. Also during the visit to Serbia, US Vice President Joe Biden especially praised the Republic of Sebia and the Agency for restitution for conscientious enforcement of the Law on Restitution.

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