Build up your own career

Investing in the career and reputation of our employees and associates is a fundamental value on which is based work in a law office Naumović & Partners Attorneys at Law. Our development programs show real commitment to all our members.

Our program has been developed to support the growing needs of our members and associates who want to advance their careers and who want to support our clients. It includes a number of activities in the local, regional and international levels.

Learning and Development

All employees and associates have access to our knowledge, skills and experience, ranging from technical training, business training and professional trainings in order to continue their legal education.

Our employees and associates are encouraged to continuously learn and improve their professional skills at key stages of their careers.

Along with colleagues from the office and through many organizations of which we are members, they establish theirs and our professional network.

Key of every success is knowledge and skills.

Success in the law firm Naumović & Partners requires maturity to function in a formal environment, initiative and imagination for dealing with new legal issues.

This is the reason why we in Naumović & Partners Attorneys at Law are committed to providing opportunities for studying for each individual and to developing an experience that is necessary for career advancement within our team.

Our approach is based on the principle association of knowledge, skills and ideas, as well as on motivating and encouraging employees and associates to take responsibility for their career development by providing support to them on this matter.

Finally, in the office we are dedicated to development of skills in areas outside of conventional business activities.

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